Fear of the Dentist

Does fear of the dentist fill you with a feeling of anxiety or dread?

Dental Phobia

An estimated 25 percent of the UK population experience anxiety when visiting the dentist. Being afraid of dental treatment or ‘The Dentist’ is a lot more common than many people realise, it’s just that most people don’t like to talk about it.

It might be that you have a fear of needles and injections and so you’re fearful of dental treatment as well. Or perhaps you’ve experienced painful dental treatment in the past. Dental Phobia as it’s often known, sometimes starts as a result of a bad experience during a dental appointment and it’s not uncommon for people to feel trapped and not in control in the dentist’s chair, especially if they can’t see what’s going on or don’t know what will happen next.

Therapy for Fear of the Dentist

The most effective therapy for you depends on your individual situation. Many people have found Hypnotherapy helpful for overcoming a fear of the dentist and talking with someone who is impartial and non-judgmental can help you to overcome your fears. Working with your subconscious mind, relaxation, distraction and anxiety release techniques can be taught which will enable you to develop a new calmer way of responding and leave your fear of the dentist in the past.

Your First Session

At your first session, either at the clinic or online, we will talk about your situation in more detail, including your past experiences and goals, along with your role in the therapy process. You’ll have the opportunity to ask any questions you may have and then we will move on to the therapy part of your session which may involve a combination of therapies such as Hypnotherapy, CBT and NLP combined with other talking therapies as appropriate.

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