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Hypnotic Gastric Band Programme

Just imagine… What would it feel like if you could eat nutritious foods and improve your health? No more following complicated diets or points systems. No more snacking because you’re bored or stressed. No more feeling guilty about what you’re eating. No more over-eating and then feeling bloated later on.

4 Gastric Band Hypnosis sessions

4 programme sessions plus 1 follow up session

Gastric Band Hypnosis MP3 Downloads

MP3 downloads to support the programme sessions

Gastric Band Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy in Leeds
Weight Loss Hypnosis Programme - Hypnotherapy in Leeds

Hints & Tips

Information to help you break old habits and develop a new healthier lifestyle

Complimentary Hypnosis Relaxation MP3 Download

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Weight Loss hypnotherapy in Leeds

Gastric Band Hypnosis

Perhaps you’ve already tried various diets. Maybe you’ve tried Weight Watchers or Slimming World. If you’re reading this page, it’s likely that you know what a gastric band is too. Gastric band surgery can be a very effective way to lose weight, but like most types of surgery, success cannot be totally guaranteed and although generally a very safe procedure, it is not completely without risk. Unless you are eligible for NHS treatment, it can also be very expensive. However, if your subconscious mind is powerful enough to make you gain weight, then you can lose weight too.

About the programme

To benefit fully from the gastric band hypnosis programme, it is essential that you want to lose weight and you want a healthy lifestyle. The emphasis during the programme is on taking responsibility for your weight loss and on not making excuses. It is expected that you participate fully and follow the eating guidelines as well as listening to the MP3 downloads provided and carrying out other tasks as part of the programme. Clients who do not participate fully will be removed from the programme and where programme sessions have been booked and paid for in advance, a pro rata refund will be issued.

What does it involve?

Designed to help you change your eating habits and lifestyle, the hypnotic gastric band programme combines hypnosis and therapy and features suggestions for your subconscious mind to believe that gastric band surgery has been performed. The process is designed, along with your motivation, to produce long term change without the risks and side effects associated with actual surgery.

Six weeks after your final programme session, you will return for your follow up session. We will review your progress and if required, make any necessary adjustments to your hypnotic gastric band. You will also receive tips to help you maintain your new slimmer and healthier lifestyle, along with your complimentary relaxation MP3 download.

Is it suitable for me?

If the answer to the following statements is yes, the Gastric Band Hypnosis Programme may be suitable for you:

  • You are aged 18 or over
  • You have previously tried other methods of weight loss including regular exercise, but have not lost any significant amount of weight
  • Portion control and/or an increased frequency in food intake are contributing to your weight issues
  • There are no medical or psychological reasons that would exclude you from participating in weight loss hypnotherapy or hypnotic gastric band sessions
  • You understand that the programme requires commitment in conjunction with a healthy diet and regular exercise

Is it guaranteed to work?

There are a variety of factors which can determine the outcome of weight loss hypnotherapy, including your situation and the level of rapport with your therapist, but most important are your motivation and participation. To be successful, you will need to make changes to your lifestyle and eating habits and follow the advice in this programme.

Hypnotherapy has a good track record in helping people to change their eating habits and lose weight, with changes often being see within a few weeks. However, the key to success is you, so you need to play your part too.

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Looking for more information?

You can find more information and answers to some of the questions that people often ask on the FAQs page. Details of costs, therapy programmes and session packages is available on the Fees page.

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Hypnotherapy, NLP and Talking Therapies have a good track record in helping people to make lasting changes, however everyone responds differently and therefore results may vary from person to person. Your motivation and participation are the key to success, so you need to play your part too.

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