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Are you ready to become a non smoker again?

Just imagine… What would it feel like if you were no longer controlled by the need to smoke? No more planning your day so you can smoke. No more sneaking outside at work for a cigarette. No more stressing about whether you’ve got enough cigarettes or tobacco left. No more secretly worrying about what smoking might be doing to your health.

Stop Smoking Programme

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Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy in Leeds

Stop Smoking

Nobody is born a smoker. Smoking is something that people choose to do for a variety of reasons. Perhaps it was peer pressure from friends when you were younger. Maybe you smoked that first cigarette out of curiosity, boredom or a desire to appear more ‘grown up’. The thought of having to stop doing something that we enjoy is not one that many of us look forward to. However, you are not actually giving anything up. All you are doing is returning to being a non smoker again; something you are already familiar with and a state which your body is naturally designed for.

How hypnosis can help

Do you want to stop smoking but are finding it difficult to have that last cigarette? Perhaps you’ve already tried nicotine patches, e-cigarettes, Champix, Zyban or your local free NHS Stop Smoking Service? Most people are aware of the addiction to nicotine and health issues that smoking can cause, but there are often hidden fears about stopping smoking too; fears about putting on weight, what other people will think and how you will cope. Hypnotherapy can help you to address these issues and when combined with your willpower, can help you to stop smoking.

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Hypnotherapy, NLP and Talking Therapies have a good track record in helping people to make lasting changes, however everyone responds differently and therefore results may vary from person to person. Your motivation and participation are the key to success, so you need to play your part too.