Confidence & Self Esteem

Do you find yourself worrying about what other people think? Do you wish you had more confidence in social situations?

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Do you really wish that you could, but your inner voice tells you that you couldn’t?

Confidence & Self Esteem

Many people experience a lack of confidence or low self esteem, not only during speeches, presentations or public speaking, but also in social situations and sometimes life in general. Confidence develops with practise; the more we do something, the better we become and the more confident we feel when in the same situation in the future. But when our confidence is low, we can become more easily discouraged from trying and discovering new things.

Which therapy?

The most effective therapy for you depends on your individual situation. Hypnotherapy can often be helpful for addressing specific situations such as social occasions or speeches. Talking therapy or counselling can be helpful where you may have been experiencing low self esteem for some time. Talking with someone who is impartial and who can offer a fresh perspective, can help you to think and reflect, whilst helping you to move forwards in life and feel better.

What to expect

The first step is to book an initial consultation. This is an opportunity for us to meet and discuss your situation in more detail as well as answering any questions you may have and deciding on the best options for you. We will also do some hypnosis, if appropriate, to introduce you to hypnotherapy and help you prepare for future sessions. Many people find between 3 to 6 hypnotherapy sessions helpful and with talking therapy, sometimes more sessions are required.

"Hypnotherapy has been a fantastic experience for me and I would highly recommend it."

CB, Leeds

Initial Consultation

An opportunity to meet, discuss your situation, answer questions and decide on the best options for you.

Before your appointment

When you book your initial consultation, you will receive an email containing your appointment details, along with a link to pay the deposit which is required to confirm your appointment booking. The deposit is payable within 48 hours of booking your appointment and is refunded at or following your final session, subject to the terms in the Client Agreement. Appointments are only confirmed once the deposit has been received.

The email will also contain a link to the online information form which you will need to complete before your appointment. It is important that you provide as much detail as you can on the form because this gives me more information about what you would like help with and enables me to prepare for your appointment.

During your appointment

Effective therapy is like building a house; it’s important to build a solid foundation. During your initial consultation, we will talk about your situation, including:

  • Clarifying the issue(s) that you would like help with
  • Understanding any health, medical, personal, past history or other issues which may be relevant
  • Defining your goal(s) for therapy
  • Discussing appropriate therapies and recommending the best options for your situation
  • Explaining the practical details and your role in the therapy process
  • Discussing self help and/or therapeutic tasks which may be required between sessions
  • Answering any questions you may have

Your first therapy session

In addition to the introductory discussion, your initial consultation also includes your first therapy session. The type of therapy used will depend on your individual situation, but the main purpose of this first session is to familiarise you with therapy and help you to focus on and prepare for future changes. 

In order to get the best from your therapy sessions, the level of rapport with the therapist, along with your motivation and participation are essential.

I use a number of different talking therapies and during therapy sessions, I often combine one or more of the following:

Talking Therapy & Counselling
Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
Rewind Technique

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Book an appointment

For more information or to book an appointment, visit the contact page to get in touch.

Hypnotherapy, talking therapy and NLP are effective forms of therapy, however people respond differently and therefore results may vary from person to person. Full client commitment and participation is required. Listening to CDs / MP3s and carrying out other therapy tasks between sessions is an essential part of the process and this will be fully explained during your initial consultation.

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