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Hypnotherapy, Talking Therapy and NLP sessions in Leeds can help with a wide variety of problems and issues.

Initial Consultation

Therapy Sessions

Self Development

Initial Consultation

If you’re seeking hypnotherapy or talking therapy to help you overcome a problem or issue, the first step is to book an initial consultation.

Before your appointment

When you book an initial consultation, you will receive an information form to complete before your appointment. The information you provide enables me to tailor your therapy sessions to you and your experiences.

During your consultation

We will go through the information you have provided on your form and identify any problems or beliefs that may be contributing to the situation that you would like to change, as well as exploring the issue in more depth.

Following your consultation

As part of your consultation, we will explore what you wish to achieve from therapy as well as discussing the most appropriate therapy options for you. If you wish to continue with therapy, further appointments can be booked.

Therapy Sessions

No two people are the same. Although we may experience similar problems, the reason why and how it affects each person will vary. Each individual course of therapy is just as unique too.

Hypnotherapy Sessions

During your sessions, you will be sitting on a comfortable chair or sofa. You will remain in control throughout and will be able to hear everything that is said. As part of the session, I often use background music to help you relax and enter a natural hypnotic trance.

Talking Therapy Sessions

Appointments take place in a comfortable therapy room either at the Tower Clinic in Cookridge, or at the clinic in Leeds city centre. The most appropriate type of therapy for you depends largely on your situation and the issue you would like to address.

Further Sessions

Each session lasts approximately 50 minutes in order to maintain concentration levels and get the best from the process. The number of sessions required varies from person to person, depending on the problem or issue and the type of therapy used.

Self Development

Successful therapy is all about taking the progress you make during your sessions and transforming it into real life change.

Between sessions

In between appointments, you may receive an MP3 or CD to listen to, or another task to complete such as keeping a diary. These are designed to work alongside your sessions and are an important part in your therapy process.

Motivation & Participation

Hypnotherapy and talking therapy are about working together to make the changes that you need to achieve the outcome that you want. It is a two-way process where your participation is the key to your success.

Therapy outcome

The outcome of hypnotherapy and talking therapy depends on what you put into it. The therapist is your guide; they can give you directions and show you how to get to your destination, but you need to play your part too.

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Initial Consultation

An opportunity to discuss your situation, ask questions and discover how therapy sessions could help you

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Vicki Crane is an experienced Hypnotherapist, NLP Practitioner and Talking Therapist based in Leeds

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Hypnotherapy, talking therapy and NLP are effective forms of therapy, however people respond differently and therefore results may vary from person to person. Full client commitment and participation is required. Listening to CDs / MP3s and carrying out other therapy tasks between sessions is an essential part of the process and this will be fully explained during your initial consultation.

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