Sometimes we all need to take time out

Focus on the present moment

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness and Meditation are a form of relaxation therapy, helping you to relax by reducing the body’s stress levels, focusing on the present and allowing you to regain a sense of balance and mental clarity.

By reducing stress and tension, we can increase our ability to concentrate, make decisions more easily and think more clearly. With regular practise, Mindfulness can have a number of positive physical and mental health benefits including:

Mindfulness Sessions

During these sessions, a combination of Mindfulness and Meditation techniques are used to help you guide yourself into a deeply relaxed state, where your mind is directed away from every day issues and stress and can instead focus on creating a sense of calm.

During your sessions, you will be introduced to the principles of Mindfulness so that you can start to practise these in your daily life. A variety of visualisation and Meditation techniques will be used, as well as showing you how you can use these effectively at home.

If you can change your mind, you can change your life...

If you can change your mind,
you can change your life...

Make a change today.